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Totally forgot to mention that I have a Tumblr now! It's here, for those who care and aren't already following me. So...yeah. Enjoy the geekiness!
Huge chapter is HUGE. Oops. Well, there was no good place to cut it.

Title: Portrait of an Independent Genius
Author: bad_hay 
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: John Druitt/James Watson
Chapter warnings: Sex between two teenage boys, brief mention of sexual and physical abuse
Spoilers: Since this story chronicles John's history, I'm gonna be safe and say any flashbacks up through the most current episode are fair game.
Disclaimer: Sanctuary and its lovely characters are not mine. Montague John Druitt, the real-life cricketer, is also not mine, but if he were I'd hug him and apologize for screwing with his life.

Chapter summary: He’d been dreaming, a long but by no means unpleasant dream of summer sun and meadows and grass sticking inside his shirt collar. And James, of course. Practically all his dreams these days were about him to some degree.

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Sanctuary episode reaction: 3x17 "Normandy"

*Mega-flail* This definitely made my top five. It's not "For King and Country," but it's damn close.

Not really a spoiler at this point to say there's some revisionist history going on.Collapse )


Day 30

Day 30 - Free choice!

I did it!!! Definitely not in the allotted amount of time, but whatevs. It's done. *Dance*

The Monarch/Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (The Venture Bros.) - There was nowhere else to put them! These two are possibly the sweetest, most well-adjusted super-villain couple EVER. They menace Dr. Venture, go to villain parties, participate in orgies, argue about work, and deal with professional bad guy politics...and they do it all holding hands. Plus, like any good couple, they have a romantic (and hilarious) "how we met" story. Go Team Monarch!!

Day 29

Day 29 - Your favorite of all the relationships you've posted so far

Helen Magnus/John Druitt (Sanctuary) - Say it with me: awwww. They're so cute and crazy! And my search for a pic yielded yet another graphic. ^^; "Saucy Jack(y)" is a nickname the author of one of the Ripper letters used for himself, and Helen says "bloody hell" a lot, so...I dunno. it worked in my head. I'm sort of tempted to turn it into a twisted little rhyming poem.

Day 28

Day 28 - A pairing people would be surprised you like

Helen Magnus/James Watson (Sanctuary) - James is not my favorite character. His arrogance is pretty off-putting (especially in the first season). And yet...they're rather cute together. There's just so many layers to their relationship. First, there's the whole "century-long BFF's and colleagues" thing. Then we have the complexity that comes from both of them being completely in love with John. And finally...the romance. C'mon. They were totally getting it on after John left. AT said so. ;-) Also, there's the above scene from "For King and Country." D'awww. James knows that Helen will never love him quite the same way as she loved John and he still tries to comfort her. It's all so incredibly sweet and sad...

Day 29 - Your favourite of all the relationships you've posted so far
Day 30 - Free choice!

Sanctuary/BSG icons

1-24. Sanctuary (Pax Romana, Hangover)
25-44. BSG (Season 2)

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Day 27

I put this one off for days struggling to come up with the most adorable romantic pairing. Then last night's episode happened and I said, "Fuck that. I'm doing a gen pairing because I CAN."

Day 27 - Pairing you think is the most adorable

Helen Magnus & Henry Foss (Sanctuary) - This is the obvious choice, since my simple search for a pic turned into the above graphic. ^^ I have so many emotions about these two. Where do I start? Their backstory is freaking adorable (and kind of funny, when you realize it's basically a reverse "raised by wolves" situation). As mother and son, they have some subtly touching moments that always send me over the moon in a squee fit. Add to that the fact that Ashley's death left Henry as Helen's only child and it's nonstop sentimentality for me. *Glances at graphic* Excuse me, I have to go weep silently in a corner now.

Day 28 - A pairing people would be surprised you like
Day 29 - Your favourite of all the relationships you've posted so far
Day 30 - Free choice!
Retail jobs sorta encourage psychopathy. Think about it: they force you to endure emotional pain without responding, teach you to fake emotions ("Have a nice day!!!" You bitch.), and reduce empathy for your fellow human beings. I'm surprised there aren't more news stories about retail workers going berserk and taking out a bunch of customers. *Le sigh*