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My brain is still kind of mushy, but here we go:

- Ha! Even in his hallucination Will's a loser.
- Henry. The. Cat.
- Oh my...Helen is the crazy, insomniac hippie cat-lady neighbor. And I completely buy it. *Bows to the awesomeness that is Amanda Tapping* Something tells me she pops Oxys with the intention of staying up all night and painting, but instead ends up dancing around the house in her underwear for six hours. Or maybe that's just my fantasy.
- Geez Will, could you be any creepier? Your poor anxious neighbor doesn't need another reason to be freaked out.
- JOHN'S THE D.A.???? That...actually makes a whole lot of sense. Also, "Old City Ripper." Lol.
- "...'Cause you're Scottish." LOL. Even the show thinks Abby's an idiot.
- Anxiety meds!! I feel closer to Helen than ever before.
- HELEN. DRUITT. *Explodes with joy* Of course he's her ex-husband though. Sigh...we're never gonna get that makeout scene!
- Jooooooooohnnnnnn. Aw. He still adorable and in love with her. Though it's hard to believe a relationship could work between them here. I feel like he'd be trying to sleep 'cuz he has a lot of briefs to go through in the morning, and she'd shake him awake and be like "Look at my latest piece!!!!! Do you think the use of shadow works over here??????"
- ...Aaaaand Will steals his neighbors garbage and screws it to the wall. Nothing odd about that...
- Yeah Helen!! Punch Virgil in his big stupid face.
- Abby's potentially going to lose the baby. Right after fighting with Will. That's so REFRESHING! :-/
- "I married a man I hate!" *Sticks fingers in ears and hums LOUDLY*
- "We must completely reject this reality." Somehow I didn't translate that as "We have to kill ourselves." Silly me. Seriously, only Helen would come up with a plan like that, because it doesn't matter if she's right or wrong...she still won't have to deal with immortality anymore.
- ...The fuck? This whole time Virgil was helping them? Wow. Did not see that one coming. Struggling with suspension of disbelief...struggling...there we go. Okay. I'll accept that.

Great episode overall. Waaaaaaaaay less Helen/John than I expected, which is not okay. But he's on next week! ...But it looks like he might be evil. WHY DO YOU TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS, KINDLER???